What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable on the day but if you want to completely fit the vibe think fun formal, pink tones and floral.

Can I come to only one part of the day?

Of course, we are very happy to celebrate with you wherever you feel comfortable.

What is the gift situation?

There is no greater gift to us then you all coming to celebrate with us but if you absolutely must, we will have a wishing well on the day to help get us started in our life together.

If you feel the need to get us a special something, please do note that we live in Melbourne, so suitcase space is limited…

Where can I park?

At the ceremony, head down the driveway to the parking lot with overflow on the grass area behind.

The reception venue has a large parking area right as you drive in.

Plus 1?

We are fortunate to have many loved ones and are thus unfortunately already at our venues cap. So we can’t accomodate plus ones. If you really think we missed someone, please contact us ASAP.

Any more?

Please don’t hesistate to shoot us a message asking any questions you may have.